6 Haile Selassie Ave, South Ridge, Accra, Ghana.                  

  • Contact Time: Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm

  • Phone Number: 0800-000-700

  • Contact Mail: info@osp.gov.gh

What We do

The Office of the Special Prosecutor  (OSP) is an independent specialised agency responsible for performing four (4) main functions. 

  • The OSP is tasked with investigating specific cases of alleged or suspected corruption or corruption-related offences involving public officers and persons who have been entrusted with prominent public functions in Ghana or a foreign country or an international organisation such as senior political party officials, government officials, judicial officials, military officials, a person who is or has been an executive in a foreign country of a state-owned company, a senior political party official in a foreign country, and an immediate family member or close associate of such a person, as well as persons in the private sector involved in the commission of such offences.
  • The OSP is mandated to prosecute offenders involved in the commission of corruption and corruption-related offences on the authority of the Attorney-General. 
  • The OSP is empowered to recover the proceeds of corruption and corruption-related offences. 
  • The OSP is required to stake steps to prevent corruption. 

The multi-faceted mandate of the OSP set it out as a unique and specialised public institution performing –

  • police functions
  • investigation functions
  • national security and intelligence functions
  • revenue generation functions


 6 Haile Selassie Avenue, South Ridge, Accra



 Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 17:00