The Seal


The seal is derived from the Coat of Arms of Ghana - being a heraldic symbol of an eagle in flight in a swoop down incline with an outstretched full wingspan and hanging around its neck is a black star medallion suspended on a ribbon made of the national colours of Ghana on a gold and white round medallion background - signifying a protector with strength keeping watch over the Republic.

Transparent, Vigilant, Fearless - The Motto of the OSP

Embedded within the laws establishing the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) is a commitment to fostering transparency. The OSP is designed to uphold accountability to the people of Ghana on a semi-annual basis. Mandated by law, the Office is obliged to keep Ghanaians informed and engaged in its activities, including the publication of investigative findings.

The OSP operates with vigilance, akin to an eagle soaring high in the sky, observing from a distance and covering vast territories.

Fearlessness characterizes the OSP, a quality derived chiefly from its autonomy. Both the OSP and the Special Prosecutor (SP) are shielded from potential abuse and direct control by any entity within the country. Directly accountable to Parliament, the SP holds a fixed tenure of office and can only be removed for specified reasons. Notably, the Office operates independently of any ministry, with an annual reporting format to the Minister for Justice and Attorney General regarding prosecutions conducted throughout the year.