Youth Against Corruption

Corruption poses a grave threat to the stability, development, and integrity of Ghanaian society. The Office of the Special Prosecutor advocates efficacy of investigations and prosecutions in curbing corruption's tide. Yet, recognising that transforming Ghana's culture of corruption requires a comprehensive, large-scale prevention programme, the Office, as mandated by Section 2(c) of the Office of the Special Prosecutor Act, 2017 (Act 959), is dedicated to taking proactive measures to prevent corruption

In alignment with its commitment to preventing corruption and ensuring accountability, the Office acknowledges the pivotal role of the youth in the fight against corruption. Young people, with their immense potential and vested interest in forging a future with minimal corruption, serve as invaluable allies in the pursuit of ethical governance. Their energy, creativity, and idealism position them as key contributors to the efforts against corrupt practices.

YAC at Labone Senior High School

The OSP has collaborated with management of Labone Senior High School (SHS) in Accra to sensitise students at the school on anti-corruption and make them ambassadors of integrity and transparency. The event took place on 28 February 2024. 

The student participants were 2,080 made up of 1,133 females and 947 males.


The programme at Labone SHS was done in an open area, without the infrastructure for PowerPoint presentation. The presentation format was therefore altered to sui…


YAC at Prampram Senior High School

The maiden activity of the Youth Against Corruption programme was held at the Prampram Senior High School on 8 December 2023. The day also marked the International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD) of the United Nations (UN).


The OSP undertook this activity in collaboration with the Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC). The activity brought together 674 students of the Prampram Senior High School. The officials of the OSP led an interactive session with the students. The students were a…


YAC at Tema International School

Tema International School (TIS) accepted our invitation to collaborate on this initiative and the Office met with TIS students on 8 February 2024. The Youth Against Corruption engaged with approximately 140 students, predominantly from the 11th and 12th grades.


In discussing the OSP and its mandate, the presenters covered how the office was set up and the functions of the office, including its four-fold mandate, namely, to investigate, prosecute, and prevent corruption, as well as …


YAC at Roman Ridge School

The OSP initiative aimed at mobilising Ghanaian youth to stand up against corruption, recognising its detrimental impact on their future, led the Office to the Roman Ridge School (TRRS) in Accra.


OSP actively engaged with both students and teachers at RRS, enlightening them about OSP's mission, the corrosive effects of corruption on their lives and society, and the proper channels for reporting corrupt activities with assured safety measures.

The programme included an open-f…


YAC at Ghana International School

The office is dedicated to maximizing its impact, extending efforts to engage with youth from influential backgrounds. The objective is to imbue them with a sense of responsibility and duty. By empowering these young individuals, there is an aspiration to cultivate a generation that questions the origins of wealth and advocates for ethical practices within their families.


The second Youth Against Corruption saw representatives from the office visit Ghana International School on Feb…