YAC at Tema International School

Tema International School (TIS) accepted our invitation to collaborate on this initiative and the Office met with TIS students on 8 February 2024. The Youth Against Corruption engaged with approximately 140 students, predominantly from the 11th and 12th grades.


In discussing the OSP and its mandate, the presenters covered how the office was set up and the functions of the office, including its four-fold mandate, namely, to investigate, prosecute, and prevent corruption, as well as recover the proceeds of corruption and corruption-related activities.


The students at TIS were allowed to use their laptops during the session. Many of them visited the OSP’s website and began to ask questions based on material they had read from the website. There were questions about the Office’s achievements so far, collaboration with other offices, actual independence of the Office and some profound questions about our relationship with the judiciary by students who apparently follow the news. The OSP team was grateful for the opportunity to further educate them and elucidate some conundrums and misconceptions about the OSP and its work.