• Mar 02, 2024
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Government Secretarial School Embraces OSP's Anti-Corruption Training for Future Workforce

In a collaborative effort to instill values of integrity and accountability in the upcoming workforce, the Government Secretarial School has joined forces with the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP). The school, dedicated to providing high-quality secretarial training to civil service and the public, welcomed the OSP's Youth Against Corruption Initiative, which focuses on educating trainees about the implications of corruption on society and the importance of countering corrupt practices from an early age.


As part of this initiative, OSP officials conducted training sessions at the school, covering topics such as the role and functions of the office, its specialised nature as an autonomous agency dedicated solely to the fight against corruption, and the definition of corruption and related activities.


A key component of the training was a detailed presentation on whistleblowing and its significance in upholding transparency and accountability. Trainees were introduced to the concept and importance of fostering a culture of reporting, emphasizing the crucial role whistle-blowers play in ensuring ethical conduct and creating a responsible and accountable environment nationwide. The presentation also provided insights into the various reporting mechanisms available at the OSP.


Furthermore, trainees were educated on the protection and reward schemes offered by the OSP to individuals who successfully assist the office in uncovering corruption and securing convictions. 


The OSP's visit sparked valuable feedback from both students and teachers, expressing interest in future interventions and collaborations with the OSP. The collaborative effort between the Government Secretarial School and the OSP signifies a proactive approach to shaping a future workforce that prioritises ethical conduct, transparency, and accountability in the public sector.