Wealthy Businessman

The Office has concluded and closed investigation into alleged attempted bribery of the majority caucus of the Parliament of Ghana by an undisclosed well-known and wealthy businessman.

The investigation showed that circa September 2022, eighty (80) Members of Parliament of the NPP publicly called for the resignation or removal of the Minister for Finance, Mr. Kenneth Nana Yaw Ofori-Atta over complaints of his inability to properly manage the economy of Ghana.

The investigation showed that a wealthy businessman did in fact attempt to offer money to a section of the majority caucus of Parliament with the intention of influencing their demand for the resignation or removal of Mr. Ofori-Atta as Minister for Finance. It also showed that the monetary offer was apparently rejected by the contacted Members of Parliament. However, the potential key witness - Mr. Appiah-Kubi’s refusal to disclose the identity of the suspect effectively defeated the investigation.

The institution of criminal proceedings would necessarily require the input and cooperation of Mr. Appiah-Kubi – without which the case will not pass muster in respect of the requisite standard of establishing guilt, which is proof beyond reasonable doubt.

The investigation may be re-opened should the circumstances and further facts so dictate.



Investigation concluded and closed

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