• Feb 19, 2024
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Special Prosecutor Speaks At GII Roundtable Discussion On 2023 CPI

Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng, has recommended a plethora of reforms aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of anti-corruption institutions in the fight against corruption. These reforms stand a chance at improving Ghana’s ranking on the Corruption Perception Index.

He made the suggestions at an event where he addressed Ghana’s stance in the fight against corruption and the nation’s perceptions of justice. The event, titled “Corruption and Justice: Where Does Ghana Stand?” was organized by Ghana Integrity Initiative, a subsidiary of Transparency International, with the aim of assessing Ghana’s CPI score for the last four years, especially following the release of the 2023 CPI ranking.

Mr. Agyebeng, expressed dissatisfaction with Ghana's performance, which has remained static at 43 since 2020, despite the country staying well above the sub-regional average. According to him, this indicates a lack of citizens' confidence in institutions dedicated to combating corruption and delivering justice.


He added that Ghana's limited progress in fighting corruption may be due to a lack of commitment to its complete eradication. He stressed that beyond acknowledging the need to combat corruption, Ghanaians must demonstrate unwavering dedication to the battle against corruption. In the same vein, he admonished citizens to uphold the defense of truth and the maintenance of integrity, as he believes these factors would increase the radiance of justice and enhance the fight against corruption. 


In pursuit of the assurance of justice which would inadvertently improve Ghana’s ranking, he underscored a plethora of recommendations to aid in the battle against corruption. These include entrenching anti-corruption institutions with a firm grounding in Ghana's Constitution, enlarging the powers of these institutions including the Office of the Special Prosecutor and the Judiciary, to insulate them from political machinations, providing adequate resources for anti-corruption law enforcement institutions, and protecting judges to enable them adjudicate without fear of compromising their promotion and advancement, among other suggestions.