OSP engages UG student politicians on ethical leadership skills

Accra | 2 July 2024

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Officials of the anti-corruption body has been engaging student politicians at the Univeristy of Ghana about honest leadership at the annual student leadership programme.


The event organised at the behest of the Dean of Students is to prepare newly sworn-in-student leaders and those preparing to contest in various positions for their leadership roles.



Mr. Darko engages participants at the event


The OSP team, led by Samuel Appiah Darko, Director for Strategy, Research, and Communication, discussed the impact of corruption and partisan politics on student elections.


Mr. Darko advised the students to maintain integrity and show empathy in office even in the face of opposition and pressure to be corrupt. . He encouraged persistence, resilience, and a focus on student welfare.


He advised against adopting corrupt practices from national politics, emphasizing the importance of honesty and integrity. By doing so, he stated, they would protect their future and that of coming generations.


The session covered the cost of corruption, offences the OSP could investigate, and the divisive nature of partisanship in student politics.


Over one hundred and sixty (160) student leaders attended the session, with the OSP hoping that ethical leadership practices at the university level will be mirrored nationally, given many politicians' student leadership backgrounds.


A participant contributes to the discussion at the event